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Business component

1.   Mystery Motorist Survey for BP Namibia - on a quarterly basis, 1995 - 2000.  

Continuous evaluation of all service stations of all brands countrywide in order to determine measurable standards against which the client company can measure its own performance.

2.    Mystery Shopper for BP Namibia - on semi-annual basis from Jan. 2000 - Mar 2001.  

Evaluation of product and service performance output at Express Shops countrywide.

3.   TELECOM Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey, 1995 to 1997  

Conducting the nation-wide customer satisfaction feedback survey, on a quarterly basis from 1995 1997.
4.    Brand Equity Study - Makalani Sugar (Pty) Ltd. 1996  

A comprehensive study to determine market share of Makalani's products countrywide as well as those of competitors. Identifying customer perceptions and preferences.

5.    PABX (Telephone Switchboard) Survey for Telecom Namibia, 1996  

The survey established the customer's needs and preferences regarding the use, purchase and/or lease of PABX systems, aiding the client with the formulation of a new marketing strategy.

6.   Feasibility Study of Karibib Private School, 1997  

A comprehensive study covering the critical success factors of a private school in a rural environment. Commissioned by Anglo American Social Fund and Navachab Gold Mine

7.   Customer Service Evaluation (for Dealers and Contractors) and
Customer Attitude and Behaviour Survey for Pupkewitz Megabuild, October 1997

Aimed at identifying the perceptions and attitudes of dealers and contractors regarding the service level of building material suppliers in general and MPS Megabuild in particular, as well as what the general public requires in terms of building material purchases and services.

8.   Namibia Breweries Limited - Customer Attitude and Behaviour Survey - January/February 1998  

To determine consumers' attitude and behaviour towards NBL's and opposition products in the Central, Coastal and Northern regions of Namibia.

9.   Namibia Breweries Limited - Retail Attitude Study - February 1998  

To evaluate perceptions and attitudes of the retail network vis-à-vis beverages.

10. Telecom Namibia - Farmline Customer Satisfaction Survey, Northern Business Unit - April 1998  

To determine the satisfaction level of farmline telephone users for strategic management purposes.

11. Telecom Namibia - Magnolia (Farmline Automation) Survey, Northern Business Unit - May 1998  

To determine users' attitude about and satisfaction of the newly installed automated farmline service.

12. Telecom Namibia - International Telephone Exchange Performance Survey , Central Business Unit - twice annually since 1997  

To assess whether the service performance level of the ITE staff are in line with the agreed norms/standards.

13. Telecom Namibia - Walvis Bay Radio Exchange Performance Survey - twice annually since 1997  

To assess whether the service performance level of the Walvis Bay Radio Exchange staff are in line with the agreed norms/standards.

14. Consolidated Sugar Industries - Customer Attitude and Behaviour Survey - July 1998  

To determine customers' attitude towards a new brand entrant, having a packaging very similar to that of an established brand.

15. NBC All Media and Product Survey plus a Baseline Study (Nationwide) - August to November 1998  

Promex was sub-contracted by AC Nielsen to conduct the fieldwork component (more than 800 interviews) amongst the more affluent part of society.

16. Draft tourist development plan - Landella (Pty) Ltd, 1995  

Investigation of development possibilities of a specific site with the drafting of a development proposal for the purpose of investor sourcing.

17. MTC Studies  

· Sub-contracted by Insight Customer Satisfaction to do the fieldwork (sample 150) - April 2000
· Sub-contracted by Insight Customer Satisfaction to do the fieldwork (sample 350) - January 2001

18. Namibia Dairies - July/August 2000  

Sub-contracted by Insight Customer Satisfaction to do the fieldwork (sample 300) as well as staff Focus Groups.

19. Engen Namibia - April 2000  

Sub-contracted by Insight Customer Satisfaction to do part of the fieldwork (sample 25)

20. Mr. Kutzner - Market assessment and feasibility study for the establishment of an archive service company - September 1999.  
21. Audio Conference Survey - Telecom Namibia, December 2000  
22. Lubricants Pricing Survey - BP Namibia, October 2000  
23. Evaluation of criteria of Road Safety Management System - National Road Safety Council - Jan - Feb 2001  
24. OPOS (On Premises Observation Survey) - Namibia Beverages (Coca Cola) - June/July 2001, August 2002  
25. Taeuber & Corssen - Customer Satisfaction & Value Perception Survey - March 2002  
26. Courier Services - market analysis survey - April 2002  
27. Market survey, product and process profiling and pre- feasibility study for the establishment of a plastic products manufacturing plant in Namibia - March - April 2002  
28. Engineering Association of Namibia - Salary survey , May 2002.