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Business component

1. Productivity Improvement for Burmeister & Partners Consulting Engineers, 1995  

Facilitation of an in-house project in order to improve the company 's competitiveness by addressing the improvement of the back office's efficiency, effectiveness and overall productivity. This was achieved by means of designing and implementing appropriate tools to facilitate and streamline the operations of the company.

2. Assessment of the Public Sector Vehicle Fleet operation - UNDP, 1996  

Commissioned by UNDP and the Ministry of Finance, Promex carried out an overall assessment of Government policies, procedures and budgetary expenditure related to the acquisition and control of Government purchasing, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of government vehicles. Recommendations were meant to provide a platform for the Ministry of Finance to launch changes in policy with the view to effect a reduction in expenditure on Government transport.

3. Review and Restructuring of Oshakati Municipality Engineering Department, 1996  

The review, conducted in co-operation with EMCON Consulting Engineers and commissioned by GTZ, included examination of current context, evaluation of existing systems and capacities and recommendations for restructuring and future measures to address the technical challenges which the newly created local authority is facing.

4. Assessment of Operation and Maintenance Capacity for the operation of Wet Services Infrastructure in the Omusati, Oshana and Ohangwena regions, Northern Namibia, 1997  

With the implementation of the Government's decentralisation policy and the subsequent hand-over of management responsibilities from the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing's central offices to the Regional Councils, this pilot project aimed at empowering Regional Councils to operate and maintain infrastructure in the long term on a sustainable basis. The project was undertaken in co-operation with Windhoek Consulting Engineers and commissioned by GTZ.

5. Pre feasibility on the Commercialisation of Government Garage, September 1997 - February 1998  

The study constitutes the first phase of the commercialisation of the Namibian Government Garage. For this large project, Promex has entered into a strategic alliance with Standard Bank South Africa and Africon.

6. For the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications (MWTC 2000 Project) - Investigation into the restructuring of the following support functions: Security services, Cleaning services, Government Stores and Printing - June to August 1998.  

With Promex as the lead consultant, this project was done in association with Africa Consulting Services (Standard Bank of SA)

7. For the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications (MWTC 2000 Project) - Feasibility Study to commercialise the functions of the Department of Works - September to November 1998.  

In this project, Promex was an associate together with BKS. The lead consultant was Africa Consulting Services (Standard Bank of SA).

8. Roads Authority - Implementation of Fleet Management Programme - June to September 2000  

This project comprised of the following segments:
a) Assessment of existing vehicle fleet,
b) Evaluation of transport procurement options, and
c) Implementation planning for full maintenance leasing

9. Department of Public Works - Buildings Branch, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa - Pre-feasibility study into the introduction of alternative service delivery mechanisms. June 2001  

The project aimed at evaluating the present status quo as well as commercialisation options. The assignment was carried out in assiciation with BG consulting.

10. Implementation of the commercialisation of the Namibian Directorate of Civil Aviation and the establishment of the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority. February 2001 - ongoing. This project is carried out in conjunction with Africon.  

This project is carried out in conjunction with Africon.

11. Project Manager - Commercialisation Transformation process at NAMPA (2001)  
12. Project Manager - Commercialisation Transformation - New Era Corporation, Feb - Jul 2002.  
13. Organisational Restructuring and Transformation - WCE (Mar 2001 - Mar 2002)  
14. Organisational Restructuring and Transformation - EMCON (Oct 2001 - July 2002)  
15. Assessment of transport procurement options and implementation for the Namibian Roads Contractor Company, August 2002  
16. Formulation of new fleet management policy for the Namibian Roads Authority, July 2002